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ARIIX Awarded Stevie Awards For Best Health Product Innovations.


ARIIX releases new superior brand called Nutrifii in 2014.  With patented products and top quality ingredients sourced from all over the globe it smashes the competition with quality and real benefits to its customers.

The first product to be achieve the Stevie Awards was MOA – also known as the ‘Mother Of All’ with 34 super-food nutrient dense ingredients.

The Stevie awards is the equivalent to the Oscar Awards for film and media but for product innovations from over 5800 pharmaceutical and health products from over 60 country submissions.

MOA ends the ‘Juice Wars’ since many companies build a whole business around one ingredient.  If you think of an ‘Aloe Vera’ company certain names may come to mind.  If you think of Mangosteen, Noni, , Shiitake Mushrooms and so on you will be able to find many businesses in network-marketing focusing just on the one singular ingredient.

MOA brings together the concentrated power of 34 superfoods, providing a rich source of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and anti-inflammatories, all formulated to work together for maximum health benefits.  It destroys the competition with having the most potent best 34 super foods all in one bottle.  Containing all the benefits ending the battle for the best nutritional juice drink on the market.

The problem in the industry with building a business around one single ingredient is that after time competition rises but the MLM companies are stuck to selling the product and cannot lower the price due to the cost of the representatives pay check.  This causes high product prices and for example other network marketing companies selling an iPhone 2 when the new iPhone 6+ is available.

ARIIX with its unique branding strategy update the products every year just like a new iPhone or when a new car gets released every year.  This is the ONLY way to stay updated and current within the market.

ARIIX does not just have one brand but multiple brands with the ability to add new brands and products with new thriving trends in the future.  Many other companies may try to do the same but have been known so long as an ‘Aloe Vera’ company or a ‘Make Up’ company and by adding completely random products in with the business shows weakness and normally the products are not up to the quality of their primary product giving them a bad name.  This happens again and again in the industry and ARIIX conquers this common problem with the unique branding strategy.

To learn more about MOA and all the other ARIIX brands CLICK HERE.

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