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Puritii – Where Nothing Is Everything

Puritii is our air and water purification brand.

Currently two products under the brand our water bottle removes 99.9999% of bacteria, virus and protoza.  Drink purified water on the go in any country.  The US Marines used Puritii and it was the only thing they trusted to use while in Afghanistan.  The world health organisation claim that Air Pollution is the biggest killer and a huge worldwide problem.  The air on the inside of your house is 100x worse on the outside with all the chemicals from carpets, varnish, paint on the walls and you can really notice the difference with our air award winning air purifier.

Slenderiiz – Homeopathic Weight Management

The end of FAD Diets our Slenderiiz management system conquers the 12 causes to weight gain.  Typically most diets only take into consideration exercise and starving calories.  Slenderiix & Xceler8 drops stop the hunger cravings and with our program you eat great healthy food making it the only homeopathic diet on the market and the easiest way to lose weight the healthy way. 

Doctor approved and clinically proven it really works with 100% success rate with no rebound weight gain.

slenderiiz weight management

Jouve – Anti-Aging Skincare

Jouve is our anti-aging brand for all ages and has two products under the brand.  The tightener reduces crows feet, laugh lines and lines on the forehead within 30seconds to 3minutes.  Our clinical trials with a 3rd party tester showed that after a month of daily use aging was greatly reduced and referred to as a natural botox.  No nasty chemicals, no parabens, no PEG’s completely natural with no long term side effects.

Your skin will love Jouve and with our brightener and dark spot corrector it will remove dark spots and give your skin a healthy glow.  Very easy to use and suitable for men and women to prevent aging and nourish the skin.

Nutrifii – Nutrition For Optimal Health

Nutrifii is the best nutritional supplement brand on the market with the best superfood ingredients sourced from the best locations around the world.  Typically people think eating good food is enough and do not know that within the last 50 years due to mass production and food grown on ‘steroids’ nutrition has dropped dramatically, even when organic.  Nutrifii gives your body optimal levels of nutrition and Dr Ray Strand on the ARIIX wellness council recommends good supplementation before taking any prescription drugs as a first step therapy, your body is the best defense against disease.  Stevie award winning MOA stimulates the immune system and BioPerine helps the body absorb nutrients from food and supplementation up to 10x.


Reviive – Organic Personal Care

Typically people wash their hair and skin with nasty chemical based products with Parabens, PEG’s and petrol based ingredients.  Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is a carrier, not a barrier.  You are what you absorb and with Reviive you will be giving the absolute best to your body which is based on coconut oil and white shea butter.  Our toothpaste doesn’t contain any fluoride which is a known neuro toxin and more poisonous than led!  Not tested on animals and food grade – meaning that if a child swallows the product they would be absolutely fine.   Look on the back of your toothpaste for Fluoride and see the warning ‘Do not swallow, if swallowed contact a doctor’.  Reviive personal care stops you from using the nasty chemicals daily and you will notice the difference immediately.

Priime – Premium Essential Oils

Priime essential oils has four blends, calm is used to help people have a great nights sleep with just a couple of drops on a tissue under the pillow.  Ice is like a cold-burn good for muscles and joint pain, especially good for people who go to the gym and do sports.  Sentry is our anti-bacterial essential oil blend fantastic for killing of germs and can be used orally.  Escape is for stress and helps with headaches and migraines can be used topically on the skin and rubbed on the temples and behind the ears.  We recommend our high quality fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil to help the oils be absorbed to maximum within the skin.  Typically with essential oils you would need to mix them yourself which can be dangerous and affect blood levels, but with Priime you are absolutely safe as they are premixed.

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